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Southern Federation of Dance is a not-for-profit organisation committed to developing excellence in dance and dance education. Southern Federation of Dance’s consistent growth in its membership base over the last 35+ years is recognition of the vital role we play in dance education in Australia.

Our Focus

Southern Federation of Dance aims to create positive dance environments by supporting, inspiring and motivating teachers, students, and the wider dance community. We advocate for a diverse, progressive, encouraging, and inclusive dance experience.


Southern Federation of Dance offers progressive, up-to-date, examinable syllabi in Jazz, Tap, Classical and Dance Fusion. Designed to develop musicality and quality in performance, each syllabus is challenging, stimulating and allows teachers to build students’ skills while sustaining their interest in their chosen style of dance.

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Our Classical Syllabus builds a disciplined technical base and nurtures individual artistic expression through beautifully choreographed enchaînements.


Our Jazz Syllabus incorporates a variety of sub-styles including contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop and theatrical. It is updated regularly to reflect the latest musical trends and dance techniques.


Our Tap Syllabus is choreographed to a wide variety of music from past eras to present day. The progression of technique is carefully curated to support students in developing a high level of proficiency.

Dance Fusion

Splash a little colour into your dance studio with our vibrant Dance Fusion syllabus. An exciting blend of genres created by a team of industry professionals to extend the performance skills and capabilities of dance students.

Why SFD?


Our syllabus is regularly updated by dance industry professionals keeping it fresh and engaging while meeting current education and dance trends.


SFD builds a supportive and encouraging dance community through professional development for educators and performance opportunities for students.


We are dedicated to keeping our prices very competitive, as we believe that dance education should be affordable and accessible for all.


“I have utilised the SFD syllabus in Jazz and Tap levels 1-10 for over 18 years at my studio. The SFD community is welcoming and always available to share knowledge and advice.  My students and staff love that the syllabus is always evolving with modern music and choreography, and as a director it’s comforting to know my dancers are receiving rounded training and an inviting examination process. Each year my students walk out of examinations happy, with a sense of accomplishment and look forward to commencing a new level.”

Emily Grainger
Studio Owner

“Our experience with SFD is second to none. My staff and I love that the syllabi include logical progressions, ensuring students build technique safely. Levels are achievable yet allow for extension for those students who are capable. From an administrative standpoint, the team are only too happy to help!”

Kaitlin Hague
Studio Owner

“SFD is a wonderful organisation that is passionate about dance in the modern world. They are always coming up with new ways to keep students motivated and excited about dance. Progressing with the times while still keeping the core traditions of each style, SFD is accepting of everyone and has a true love of dance at its core. The organisers are easy to work with and the syllabus is up to date and a joy to teach.”

Shilleena Collins
Studio Owner

“Studio V has been a member of the SFD for over 20 years. In all our experiences, the foundation has been exceptionally professional, always going above and beyond to support its members. SFD provides our dancers a range of fantastic opportunities, including Exams, Competitions, Masterclasses, Teachers Certificates, and the Combined School Concert. We particularly embrace the exams, Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Fusion genres, by which progressive syllabi supports, challenges, and extends our dancers at every level. Some of our students have completed their SFD Teachers Certificates, which is a wonderful achievement after all their years of commitment and passion to dance, which also creates a career pathway. Our school enjoys participating in the SFD Competitions each year, and the Combined School Concert, which are fun and friendly, and another opportunity for our students to take to the stage. We are proud to be associated with the SFD.”

Vassie Catalano
Studio Owner

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